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Innovative Technology

You know that small flat box you carry around on you every minute of the day? I’ll give you a hint. It used to be this:

a row of old cell phones and then a picture of a blackberryEven though you are ashamed to admit it, the cellphone adventures with you into the washroom. How else could you tell the story about how you dropped your phone in the toilet! You were too busy candy-crushing, or messaging your friend, and plop! There it goes.

But what am I saying? Of course you do! While it is never recommended to overgeneralize, I think almost everyone has a cellphone, or everyone at least understands what you can do with one.

The cellphone is a very fun and exciting tool for all of us. Not only is it handy for keeping in touch with family and friends, it also allows us access to information all around the world; through our wifi or cellular data capabilities. In a matter of seconds we can learn about almost anything! This addictive piece of technology allows us to access Google (I don’t know about you, but I honestly think Google does know everything). Prove me wrong.

I’ll be the first to admit that I can get lost in the world of Youtube, watching “funny cat compilation” videos, and I will continue to laugh for almost an hour afterwards.

I like to appreciate the little things!

Not only is a cellphone a gateway to information, it is access to so many interesting tools to communicate. I don’t think we consider the cell phone an assistive device. From all the social media platforms that exist out there (Facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, Pinterest, etc), we now have platforms to manage those platforms, like Hootsuite. Who knew our lives could be so connected? Technology and social media platforms are developing so quickly that soon enough we’ll be communicating with holograms and we will need more bits, bytes, and gigs to process and store it all.

We are living and experiencing a very exciting time in this Information and Digital Age. We can create technology that extends past the communication avenues. We have the capacity, knowledge and technological knowhow to change the accessibility in our world, and it is our responsibility to use it. Check out 2015, when the first prosthetic limb was created from a 3D printer, or the exoskeleton devices. Developing the next innovative technology that flies off the shelves, we can make it better. So much better that there will not be enough of this “next innovative technology” to stock the shelves in the first place. Remember when I mentioned building access from the initial programming of our technology? We are doing JUST that. Logitech, LeapFrog, Logear, and other innovative manufacturers are developing a digital pen that can digitize notes, and they are striving to add other features to this pen including synchronizing these notes with an audio recording. Could you imagine writing notes during class with your digital pen on a special piece of paper and then upload it to the computer and digitize it?  We are living in the opportune time to better the lives of generations to come. We are the innovators of the future!! Tag that to the end of your name; because once your innovative ideas are implemented, who can stop you from changing the future and building access?

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