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WorldWide Instameet 15: Access Kindness

Interesting events in Nova Scotia are very hard to come by, so when I saw Maayan Ziv share a Facebook post about Access Kindness Instameet, I had to have a peek. I have to admit I had no clue what an “instameet” is and thought it to be some new “hip” term for hanging out. But Google was a bit more informative than that! Instameet is an event that brings online “instagrammers” to offline. Typically, the Instameet has a theme and the instagrammers go out in groups into the streets and take related pics and post them with the relevant hashtag.
Interestingly, this event was about bringing together two groups that may not otherwise interact: the accessibility advocates and persons with disability, and photographers. But, there were even a few folks who attended out of curiosity. The two hosts were Maayan Ziv (AccessNow App) and Alexa Fernando (known photographer).
Needless to say, this was the first time I’ve ever been AccessNow App Pin and arrowto such an event. We were given a blue or white AccessNow pin and were instructed to interact with someone who had  the other colour pin.
We were given these three questions to get the conversation going:
Picture of the whiteboard WWIM15

Name one exciting thing you did today? What motivated you to come today? What does Accessibility/ Inclusion mean to you? 

Many people from various backgrounds, professions, and interests attended.
It opened up some really interesting discussion that I think during the whole 3 hour period of the event I only spoke to 5 different people. Who couldn’t stop talking? Probably me. Haha! We were expected to post pictures of the event with the relevant hashtag #WWIM15 and #AccessKindness. Though I must admit it was so difficult to do as the people and the event were too interesting to keep my face in the phone.
It was such a fantastic event that promoted an opportunity to meet people you otherwise may never have met. Through the process it promoted a discussion on how we could encourage our world to act with kindness and inclusion.
Should you ever have the opportunity to attend an Instameet, I strongly recommend it as it was a very successful and exciting opportunity to learn a new perspective on an issue and it may even be a suitable environment to expand your personal and business network.
AccessKindness event

Attended the #AccessKindness WorldWide Instameet Event



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